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More information on all our vendors is listed below. Vendors are in alphabetical order! Make sure to check the calendar as not every vendor is at the market every week.

Busker information is located after the vendor information

South Wedge Farmers Market and Community Marketplace Vendors

Vendor Name: Amy's Nursery and Pottery
Location: Penfield, NY
Website: www.amyspottery.com
Email: info@amyspottery.com
Products: Clay Pottery, Potted Plants

Vendor Name: Art by Abi
Location: Henrietta, NY
Email: amaguire@avoncsd.org
Instagram: @artbyabi.roc
Products: Handmade Jewelry, Handmade Art

Vendor Name: Artemis Honey
Location: Rochester, NY
Products: Honey

Vendor Name: Backyard Gardens
Location: Churchville, NY
Email: katie.lisboa@avangrid.com
Products: Produce, Fruit, Flowers, Free Range Eggs

Vendor Name: Bailey's Wearables
Location: Hilton, NY
Website: www.baileyswearables.com
Email: baileyswearables@gmail.com
Facebook: @BaileyBugWearables
Instagram: @loopy_hooker
Products: Crochet Clothing, Accessories, Handmade Jewelry

Vendor Name: Beyond Beads
Location: Rochester, NY
Email: btoth@frontiernet.net
Products: Handmade beaded jewelry and other handmade products

Vendor Name: Blue Barn Cidery
Location: Churchville, NY
Website: www.bluebarncidery.com
Email: lauren@bluebarncidery.com
Facebook: @bluebarncidery
Instagram: @bluebarncidery
Products: Hard Cider

Vendor Name: Blue Toad Hard Cidery
Location: Rochester, NY
Website: www.bluetoadhardcicer.com
Email: robin@bluetoadhardcider.com
Facebook: @bluetoadhardcider-newyork
Instagram: @bluetoadhardcider_ny
Products: Hard Cider

Vendor Name: Coffee Connection
Location: 681 South Ave, Rochester, NY 14620
Website: www.ourcoffeeconnection.org
Email: joyce.britton@gmail.com
Facebook: @OurCoffeeConnection
Instagram: @OurCoffeeConnection
Products: Coffee, Hot Cocoa, Coffee Beans, Coffee Mugs, Tote Bags, Gift Bags, Cookies and Muffins

Vendor Name: Color South Wedge Green
Location: Rochester, NY 14620
Website: Color SWG Facebook Group
Email: colorsouthwedgegreen@gmail.com
Products: Information about the group and how residents can get involved with promoting sustainability and climate solutions

Vendor Name: Cornell Cooperative Extension Monroe County
Location: Rochester, NY
Email: arm346@cornell.edu
Facebook: @ccemonroe
Products: Information on healthy eating

Vendor Name: The Creamatorium
Location: Rochester, NY
Website: www.roccreamatorium.com
Email: markhalecki@gmail.com
Instagram: @the.creamatorium
Products: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Vendor Name: Crystal Core
Location: Rochester, NY
Email: sdean0679@gmail.com
Products: Crystals

Vendor Name: Divine Ember Naturals
Location: Rochester, New York 14616
Email: dbrooks030@gmail.com
Facebook: @Divine-Ember-Naturals-103327208546056
Instagram: @Divine_Ember_Naturals
Products: Natural Soaps and Body Scrubs, Body Oils, Body Butter, Bracelets.

Vendor Name: Estey Toffee
Location: Rochester, NY
Products: English Toffee, Carmel Apples, Chocolate Turtles
Email: deborahwhite4@icloud.com

Vendor Name: Estrella De Tierra
Location: Rochester, NY
Website: estrelladetierra.space
Email: alvarezv96@gmail.com
Instagram: @EstrellaDeTierra
Products: Herbal Glycerities, Herbal Oils/Salves, Herbal Extracts, Flower Essence

Vendor Name: Fiddlehead Farm LLC
Location: Brockport, NY 14420
Email: fiddleheadfarmllc@gmail.com
Facebook: Fiddle Head Farm LLC
Instagram: @fiddlehead_farm_llc
Products: Honey, Beeswax Salves, Soaps, Shampoo Bars, Crochet Items

Vendor Name: Flint's Maple
Location: 94 Atlantic Ave, Rochester, New York 14607
Website: www.flintsmaple.com
Email: chadflint33@gmail.com
Facebook: @FlintsMaple
Instagram: @FlintsMaple
Products: Pure Maple Syrup, Maple Sugar, Maple Candy, Maple Cream, Maple Mustard (4 varieties),
Maple Pizza Sauce, Maple Chicken Wing Sauce, Maple Ketchup, Maple BBQ Sauce, Maple Lemonade (several varieties),
Maple Apple Cider, Maple Ice Cream.

Vendor Name: Gods N Gladiators
Location: 855 Helendale Road, Rochester, New York, 14609
Website: www.GodsNGladiators.com
Email: ahatzigiannidis@gmail.com
Facebook: @godsngladiators
Instagram: @godsngladiators
Products: Art, T-shirts and Hoodies (each a unique print), Carvings

Vendor Name: Greenlight Networks
Location: 1777 East Henriettia Road Building A Suite 120, Rochester, NY 14623
Website: www.greenlightnetworks.com
Email: aneary@greenlightnetworks.com
Facebook: @greenlightnetworks
Instagram: @greenlightnetworks
Products: Information on Greenlight

Vendor Name: Highland Hospital
Location: 1000 South Ave, Rochester, New York 14620
Website: https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/highland.aspx
Facebook: @HighlandHospital
Products: Information Booth

Vendor Name: The House of the Alcehmist
Location: Rochester, NY
Email: thehouseofthealchemist@gmail.com
Facebook: @thehouseofthealchemist
Instagram: @thehouseofthealchemist
Products: Sea Moss and products that include sea moss as an ingredient

Vendor Name: Impact Earth Lifestyle
Location: 2340 Brighton-Henrietta Townline Road, Rochester, NY 14623
Website: www.impactearthroc.com
Email: elizaeth@impactearthroc.com
Facebook: @impactearthlifestyle
Instagram: @impactearth_lifestyle
Products: Zero Waste Products

Vendor Name: JD Wine Cellars
Location: Macedon, NY
Website: www.jdwinecellars.com
Email: audrey@jdwincellars.com
Facebook: @jdwinecellars
Instagram: @jdwinecellars
Products: Wine

Vendor Name: Jen's Artisan
Location: Rochester, NY
Website: Linktr.ee/JensArtisan
Facebook: @jensartisan
Instagram: @jensartisan
Products: Sourdough Bread

Vendor Name: Kom Life LLC
Location: Rochester, NY
Website: www.komlife.live
Email: hello@komlife.live
Facebook: @komlifellc
Instagram: @komlife.live
Products: Kombucha and other kombucha based products

Vendor Name: The Little Brownie
Location: 22 Knollbrook Road, Rochester, New York 14610
Location: www.thelittlebrownie.com
Email: thelittlebrowniebakery@gmail.com
Facebook: @thelittlebrownieroc
Instagram: @thelittlebrownieroc
Products: Trash Plate Cookie, Triple Chocolate Brownie Cookie, Brownie, Signature Chocolate Chip Cookie,
Lavender Sugar Cookie, Brownie Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Vendor Name: Little Lady Bug's Studio
Location: Rochester, NY 14620
Products: Small Paintings, Aprons, Jewelry, Bags, Fairy Gardens, Cards, Photos
Email: Shannonlilgirl@gmail.com

Vendor Name: Mark and Amy's Pickles
Location: Rochester, NY
Products: Different varieties of pickles and other pickled products
Email: ludwigscenterstagecafe@gmail.com

Vendor Name: McAndrew and Company
Location: Rochester, New York 14620
Website: www.mcandrewandco.com
Email: mcandrewandco@gmail.com
Instagram: @Mcandrewandco_
Products: Soy and coconut wax candles, botanical wax sachets, botanical wax melts, holiday gift packages, candles and accessories.

Vendor Name: Molina Health Care Inc
Location: Rochester, NY
Email: lindsey.loomis-o'brien@molinahealthcare.com
Products: Health Care Information

Vendor Name: Monea's Bake Land
Location: Rochester, NY
Email: eazybak@gmail.com
Facebook: Monea's Bake Land
Instagram: @moneasbake
Products: Baked goods

Vendor Name: Operation Freedom Ride
Location: Rochester, NY
Website: www.operationfreedomride.com
Email: lkulikowski@rochester.rr.com
Facebook: @operationfreedomride
Instagram: @operationfreedomride
Products: Local pet rescue

Vendor Name: Patty's Petals
Location: Rochester, NY
Instagram: @pattyzpetalz
Products: Fresh Cut Flowers

Vendor Name: River Edge Manor
Location: Rochester, NY
Website: episcopalseniorlife.org
Facebook: @spiscopalseniorlife
Products: Information

Vendor Name: Rochester Mutual Aid Network
Location: Rochester, NY
Website: www.rocmutualaid.com
Email: contact@rocmutualaid.com
Facebook: @rocmutualaid
Instagram: @rocmutualaid
Products: Local support network

Vendor Name: Ryan Services
Location: Rochester, NY
Email: kadanunzio@ryanservice.com
Facebook: @ryanservice
Instagram: @ryanservices
Products: Information

Vendor Name: Sensual Scents by Vega
Location: Rochester, NY
Email: sensualscentsbyvega@gmail.com
Facebook: @sensual_scents_by_vega
Instagram: @sensual_scents_by_vega
Products: Fragrances

Vendor Name: The Sisters
Location: Gregory Street, Rochester, NY 14620
Email: dstein@sistersofmercy.org
Products: Specialty James and Handmade Items

Vendor Name: Small Business Development Center
Location: SUNY Geneseo, 1 College Circle, Geneseo, NY 14454
Website: www.geneseo.edu/small_business
Information, Assistance, and Education in starting or growing your small business

Vendor Name: Soulistic Sweets
Location: 200 Hague Street, Rochester, New York 14611
Website: www.soulisticsweets.com
Email: soulisticsweets@gmail.com
Facebook: @SoulisticSweets
Instagram: @SoulisticSweets
Products: Cupcakes and Slices of Cake

Vendor Name: Spirit and Abundance LLC
Location: Rochester, NY
Website: www.spiritandabundance.com
Email: info@spiritandabundance.com
Facebook: @SpiritandAbundance
Instagram: @SpiritandAbundance
Products: Plant based artisanal cheeses (nut based), syrups, condiments, hand made cheese knives

Vendor Name: Stir Crazy Kettle Corn
Location: 40 Alpine Street, Rochester, New York 14620
Facebook: @stircrazykettlecorn
Instagram: @stircrazykettlecorn
Product: Fresh Kettle Corn (several varieties)

Vendor Name: Third Eye Henna
Location: Rochester, New York
Email: rose327@gmail.com
Instagram: @ThirdEyeHenna
Products: Henna Art

Vendor Name: Upstart Berry Farm LLC
Location: 4837 NYS Route 96, Shortsville, NY 14548
Location: www.upstartberryfarm.com
Email: bonalyn@hotmail.com
Products: Vegetables: Lettuce, Arugula, Asparagus, Radishes, Beets, Carrots, Bok Choi, Broccolini, Asparbroc, Broccoli Raab, Brussel Sprouts,
Cabbage, Cauliflower, Romanesco, Komatsuna, Scallions, Leeks, Shallots, Onions, Garlic, Scapes, Sweet Corn, Cucumbers, Eggplant,
Snap Beans, Herbs, Peppers, Sweet Potatoes, Tomatoes (Beefsteak, Heirloom, and Cherry), Salad and Fall Turnips, Summer Squash,
Winter Squash, Pumpkins

Fruit: Strawberries, Raspberries, Rhubarb, Melons, Blueberries, Peaches, Plums, Grapes, Apples, Pears

Fresh Cut Flowers, All Natural Handmade Soaps

Vendor Name: Vetter's Beef
Location: Avon, NY
Website: www.vettersbeef.com
Email: vettersbeef@gmail.com
Facebook: @VettersBeef
Products: Locally rasied beef prodcuts

Vendor Name: Vio Tea
Location: Rochester, NY
Website: www.viotea.com
Email: delbyn@gmail.com
Facebook: @vioteaherbaltea
Products: Herbal Tea

Vendor Name: Wildflower Lane
Location: Marion, NY
Email: kstitt2213@gmail.com
Facebook: @wildflowerlanedesign
Instagram: @wildflowerlane.design
Products: Wood Burned Art Pieces

South Wedge Farmers Market and Community Marketplace Buskers

Name: Bach to Rock Music School
Website: penfield.b2rmusic.com
Facebook: @b2rpenfieldny
Instagram: @b2rpenfieldny

Name: Baker Birdman Band
Email: ruhlinbaker@frontier.com

Name: Bob Jordan
Location: Massachusetts
Email: magundi@live.com

Name: Cosmo Acoustics
Location: Rochester 14620
Email: ruhlinbaker@frontier.com

Name: Rick and Kerry
Location: Rochester 14620
Website: www.rapiers.com
Email: Kerry.Regan1@gmail.com

Name: Sarah Michelle Scrapulla Music
Location: Rochester 14606
Facebook: @sarahmichellescarpullamusic
Email: smichellescrapulla@gmail.com

Name: Steve Lyons
Location: Rochester 14609
Email: KingJuke@aol.com

Name: Stephen Ferm
Location: Rochester 14620
Instagram: @stephen_ferm
Facebook: @stephenferm
Email: stephenferm@gmail.com

Name: Still One Left
Location: Springwater 14620
Facebook: Still One Left
Email: cindir@rocketmail.com

Name: Tom Robert
Location: Springwater 14560
Website: www.tomrobertmusic.com
Facebook: @tomrobertmusic
Email: TomRobertMusic@gmail.com

Name: Will Dollinger
Location: Rochester, NY
Email: willdollinger@gmail.com