Fresh Plum Bread Pudding


3 Cups Ripe Plums, Pitted and diced

8 Fresh Local Eggs (Get the free range, especially if they’re allowed to roam with a rooster, they tend to be the happiest)

¾ Cup Heavy Cream

¾ Cup New York Cherry Juice

1 Cup Brown Sugar

8 Cups torn bread, doesn’t have to be fresh but must be good bread, think about croissant, brioche or challah if available for richness and absorbency

1 vanilla bean, scraped, or 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Skip that fake/imitation stuff if you can

Topping of your choice



Preheat oven to 350 American degrees. Whisk those beautiful eggs, no shells, brown sugar and the scrapings (seeds) from the vanilla bean vigorously until creamy. Save the vanilla bean pod and toss it in a cup or two of sugar in a sealed container, call it vanilla sugar and use it in recipes when you want you sugar to have a little “oomph”.  Add the cream, cherry juice and whisk until combined. Add the bread and work it in with your hands, allowing the bread to absorb the liquid. It feels nice so don’t rush this step. Grease/Spray the pan of your liking; as long as it fits you’re good to go. It will expand and thicken, after about 40-50 minutes (that’s a guesstimate, keep an eye on it) a toothpick will come out fairly clean. Slice or scoop and finish with that amazing topping.



Adrian Baldwin, NAPA Wood Fired Pizzeria


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