Chilled Strawberry Mint Soup with Maple Syrup Yogurt


2 Quarts Fresh Strawberries, Stemmed

¼ cup Chopped Fresh Mint

½ cup heavy cream

½ cup fresh fruit juice…try local tart cherry juice, juice some oranges or apples,

1 cup Local Yogurt

½ cup Black Button Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup



Strawberries, mint, cream and fruit juice of choice all need to converge into a pureeing vessel. Blender, food processor, hand blender, outboard motor in the sink. Combine these ingredients into a smooth consistency and refrigerate. If you feel it’s thinner than you were hoping, add some frozen yogurt, ice cream or sour cream and re-blend. The colder the better, but freezing might result in a block of “soup”, which would be an oxymoron. The yogurt and maple syrup (honey is readily available locally, and would also work well, especially if you have a maple allergy) just need a whisking to combine, and they also need to chill. You need to chill at this point as well and make yourself a cocktail with the Gin you bought from Black Button Distilling when you picked up the maple syrup. When you’re ready to serve, swirl the yogurt/maple sauce over the soup in a nice container… martini glass? Mason jar? Hand-blown strawberry shaped glass bowl? Smiling yet? Perfect.


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