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Welcome to the (very simple) home of the South Wedge Farmers Market and Community Marketplace (SWFM). We are looking to provide everyone with the information they need, in a very simple format, to make life as easy as possible.

The SWFM is on Thursday evenings from 4pm to 7pm in the parking lot at Odd Fellows Lodge (358 Gregory Street, Rochester New York 14620) in the heart of the South Wedge neighborhood beginning the 3rd Thursday in June and ending next to last Thursday in September. The 2021 season begins June 17th and ends September 23rd. Any and all questions (want to be a vendor, want to be a sponsor, need more information, or anything else) should be emailed to the market manager, Chad Flint, who can be reached via email at chadflint33@gmail.com.

Check the links above for more information on our vendors (and buskers), history, or to see a calendar of what vendors will be at the market each week.

Thanks for visiting and make sure you stop by the SWFM as many Thursdays as you can!

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